Hair Loss

Stop spending hundreds of dollars on infomercial shampoos and gimmicks!  Hair loss can be caused by many factors and diseases.  Not all treatments work for all hair problems.

Dr. Phelan has a special interest in hair loss disorders and studied under one of the best hair loss Dermatologists in the country.  He understands how devastating hair loss can be and offers multiple prescription and non-prescription treatments to address your hair loss concerns.

In addition to prescription and OTC therapies, Dr. Phelan offers Platelet Rich Plasma treatment which may be appropriate for some hair loss disorders.  This consists of drawing blood from the patient, using a centrifuge to separate the components of the blood, and re-injecting select portions containing platelets and growth factors into the scalp.  Dr. Phelan has years of experience using Platelet Rich Plasma for hair regeneration and has seen fantastic results!

For those patients considering hair transplant, Dr. Phelan has cultivated professional relationships with some of the best hair transplant surgeons in the country and can help guide patients through that journey.